ACHEV-News Yahoo! Group

ACHEV-News Yahoo! Group

There are two steps needed to join ACHEV-News.

 1. Create a Yahoo! Account

 2. Request to join ACHEV-News

ATTENTION:   In the Comment to Owner box,  please note that you have sent in your membership application and also tell us your name.

Request to join ACHEV-News now or read further for additional help.

If you need help with the online process of joining ACHEV-News, we recommend you print this page to help you navigate through the necessary steps. 

STEP 1 Create a Yahoo! ID

1. Click on this link to create a Yahoo! Account if you do not already have one. Create a Yahoo! Account.

STEP 2 Request to join ACHEV-News

1. Click here to join ACHEV-News.

2. Click on the box that says “Join Group!”

3. Under “Email Address” you have a choice. You can use your newly created Yahoo! email address to receive emails from the group or you can use your already established email address. Choose one or the other here.

4. You have three choices for “Message Delivery”: Individual Email, Daily Digest or No Email. Choose one of the options.

5. Enter the number and letter combination you see listed.  

7. Under “Comment to Owner”, please note that you have sent in your membership application and tell us your name. 

8. Click on the “Send Request” button. 

Your request to join this Yahoo! Group will be processed once we have received your ACHEV Membership Application in the mail.